Monday, 10 November 2008

Tour of Duty

Since my last update we've completed the ante-natal classes, which culminated in a tour of the labour ward.  Very interesting, scary, hair-raising, intimidating, unnerving, plus many other adjectives that I wouldn't have room to fit in here.  But seriously, it was good to see where it will all happen and what all the various instruments will to be used for.  Good thing that the mid-wife mentioned the "white wellies" that the doctor will wear.  That could've been a bit strange to see on the day.  Our visit ended on a pleasant note.  As we left the delivery room, we were greeted by a "new" mother being wheeled out of her delivery room, followed by a white faced father wheeling their newly arrived baby in front of him.  The poor woman looked like she had just been through a war.  I'm sure that re-assured all the expectant mothers on our tour.

So what other things have been happening since my last post.

  • we have almost got all of the things we need now for the baby.  Last week we picked up the nursing chair for Sinead.  We managed to get the display model, which meant that I didn't have to put it together - always a good thing, especially if we don't want it to fall apart.  We also got the baby monitor.  Have been fiddling around with it today to try and get it work - I think I have about half of it's features understood now!!!
  • Nearly have got all of the nesting work done now.  Was on leather sofa cleaning duty over the weekend.  Wonder how long it will survive the baby (and dog)
  • Speaking of Molly - check out her new haircut.  Look's so happy doesn't she?  I think she knows a big change is coming around here
IMG_1449 IMG_1450
IMG_1452 IMG_1453

  • Here's my favourite clothes that we've got for the baby


boy or a girl, they'll be wearing it!!!

  • Did an interesting course last week in Dublin.  Learned how to improve my reading speed (click here for details of the course).  Started the course at approx 250 words per minute, and after a weekend of practicing I'm up to 450 words per minute.  One of the best courses I've done in a long time.
  • Sinead finishes work in just over 1 week from now.  Then we'll really be in the home straight.  Her doctor has offered to give her a sick certificate if she needs to finish a few days early.  She's going to see how it goes towards the end of the week and then make her mind up.  I think she's looking forward to finishing, as the last few weeks have been quite tiring.
  • In my last post I thought my trip to Romania was my last overseas journey.  However I've been asked to go to Prague at the end of this week for 2 days.  That's definitely the last one till the new year, as November 14th was the cut-off date I gave my boss for travelling.  Have a few meetings in Dublin over the next few weeks, but at least I'm only a drive away if there is an emergency.

Time to go and get some dinner on.  Have to eat early, as Sinead's dad is calling up later to help me do some DIY (well it's not really DIY if he's helping, is it).

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Sinead said...

Frank this is your wife and you are the biggest chicken for not posting the picture. You must be more scared of me than you let on!!!!