Saturday, 6 December 2008

Say Hello to Emily Grace Bradley

Quick update while I have the time.  Our little baby girl, Emily Grace was born on Saturday 29th November at 2.15pm.  You can guess by the fact that it has taken a week to write this post, that this week has been very busy.  I know now why sleep depravation is used as a means of torture!!!

More updates when I have the time and energy!!!  In the meantime enjoy some photos.

  just arrived
mammy's first cuddle
with Nana O'Connell
with Auntie Ciara
sleeping in Mammy's arms
with Granny and Granda Bradley
lost in her car seat
proud daddy

Monday, 10 November 2008

Tour of Duty

Since my last update we've completed the ante-natal classes, which culminated in a tour of the labour ward.  Very interesting, scary, hair-raising, intimidating, unnerving, plus many other adjectives that I wouldn't have room to fit in here.  But seriously, it was good to see where it will all happen and what all the various instruments will to be used for.  Good thing that the mid-wife mentioned the "white wellies" that the doctor will wear.  That could've been a bit strange to see on the day.  Our visit ended on a pleasant note.  As we left the delivery room, we were greeted by a "new" mother being wheeled out of her delivery room, followed by a white faced father wheeling their newly arrived baby in front of him.  The poor woman looked like she had just been through a war.  I'm sure that re-assured all the expectant mothers on our tour.

So what other things have been happening since my last post.

  • we have almost got all of the things we need now for the baby.  Last week we picked up the nursing chair for Sinead.  We managed to get the display model, which meant that I didn't have to put it together - always a good thing, especially if we don't want it to fall apart.  We also got the baby monitor.  Have been fiddling around with it today to try and get it work - I think I have about half of it's features understood now!!!
  • Nearly have got all of the nesting work done now.  Was on leather sofa cleaning duty over the weekend.  Wonder how long it will survive the baby (and dog)
  • Speaking of Molly - check out her new haircut.  Look's so happy doesn't she?  I think she knows a big change is coming around here
IMG_1449 IMG_1450
IMG_1452 IMG_1453

  • Here's my favourite clothes that we've got for the baby


boy or a girl, they'll be wearing it!!!

  • Did an interesting course last week in Dublin.  Learned how to improve my reading speed (click here for details of the course).  Started the course at approx 250 words per minute, and after a weekend of practicing I'm up to 450 words per minute.  One of the best courses I've done in a long time.
  • Sinead finishes work in just over 1 week from now.  Then we'll really be in the home straight.  Her doctor has offered to give her a sick certificate if she needs to finish a few days early.  She's going to see how it goes towards the end of the week and then make her mind up.  I think she's looking forward to finishing, as the last few weeks have been quite tiring.
  • In my last post I thought my trip to Romania was my last overseas journey.  However I've been asked to go to Prague at the end of this week for 2 days.  That's definitely the last one till the new year, as November 14th was the cut-off date I gave my boss for travelling.  Have a few meetings in Dublin over the next few weeks, but at least I'm only a drive away if there is an emergency.

Time to go and get some dinner on.  Have to eat early, as Sinead's dad is calling up later to help me do some DIY (well it's not really DIY if he's helping, is it).

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


So 6 weeks to go until our baby arrives.  It's getting close.  Just under 4 weeks until Sinead finishes work.

The last week or two have seen an increase of activity from inside Sinead.  What started as series of light flutters a few months ago, have now turned into massive thumps from within.  The other night Sinead asked me to put my hand on her belly.  What followed were a series of kicks and punches which gave me a real jump.  I'm still not used to it, and it's still a weird sensation every time I feel it.  God know how it feels for Sinead.

We've finally drawn up a shortlist of names.  While I was in San Francisco I drew up my list, and over the weekend Sinead finished her list.  Then we sat down and saw what names we had matching.  We are narrowed down to 9 boys and 6 girl's names, and over the next few weeks hope to narrow it down further.

Sinead's nesting is now officially moving into the next gear.  We are gradually working our way through the house and tidying up each room.  I spent last weekend cleaning the skirting boards and cupboards in the kitchen.  More to come this weekend

I'm writing this on the plane as I fly to Romania for a few days of meetings.  Met up with my dad this morning on my way to the airport, for a few hours.  He was down scouting a few football matches for his new team Fulham.  After a good number of years he has moved on from Charlton for a new challenge.  I think this might be my last trip before the baby arrives, although there is a chance that I might have to squeeze another one in, early November to the UK, to meet up with my new boss David.  Last week we had big changes at work.  Our team leader Stuart moved to a different position, and as a result there were some changes in the structure of our team.  Instead of reporting into Ditte, under Knowledge Management, I am now reporting into David and we are completely dedicated to the Web 2.0 project.  I'm happy with this as it will allow us to focus on our Web 2.0 initiatives.  Plus I've been working closely with David for the last 18 months and I get on really well with him.

I'll leave it at this for now.  Going to catch an episode of CSI New York on my laptop, before we land, and if I've time read a few chapters of my book.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

So What's been happening

My last post was at the end of August and it has been a busy few weeks since then.  I'll try to review most of them here

  • Sinead is now starting to show big time.  I should really post a picture on here but I think I'd be spending a few nights in the spare room if I did!!
  • I attended my first antenatal class last week.  Sinead has been to a few already.  It was really interesting and the theme was around the different ways in which the baby can be delivered, and the various types of pain relief that are available.  We were given a good description of what an epiduarl  is all about, and I could see a lot of minds changing about whether they would get one.  Bottom-line though is that the mid-wife said not to rule anything out and to be prepared to go with the flow.  I think Sinead is a bit hesitant to go with the epidural, but let's see what happens.  This week we will be told about taking care of the baby, after the birth.
  • We got a little bit more attention from our consultant.  On the last 2 visits, Sinead got to see him once.  He's ok, but I think Sinead much prefers visiting the mid-wife.
  • There is a chance that Sinead might have to have a C-Section delivery, due to her low lying placenta.  Hope to find out more in the next few weeks and get confirmation.
  • At the start of September I had to go in for an X-Ray as my lower back was playing up again.  It comes and goes but for around the last 4 years I get this occasional stiffness/pain on my lower back.  I can usually shift it with some stretches in the morning, but when it comes it's a real pain.  I think it's been caused by bad posture from sitting at desks, plus not doing proper warm-ups or warms-downs when I used to play football in the past.  Now I always make sure that I take regular breaks from my desk and do proper warm-ups and warm-downs before any sporting activity.  The X-Ray results came back fine.  The doctor has advised getting some physiotherapy in the near future.
  • We finally got our en-suite bathroom finished yesterday.  We've been saving up money for the last year to get it re-tiled.  It looks great and we're really happy with it.  Now we just need to get the toilet, sink and shower put back in.
  • Work has been really busy.  I was away for 2 weeks in mid-September to Nice in France and then to San Francisco.  Got a lot of good stuff done and made some good contacts on both trips.  I got an opportunity to do some sight-seeing in San Francisco.  You can see a collection of my photos at this link -  You can see some of my favourites at the end of this post.
  • Still no word about a pay rise.  Starting to get a little bit worried about this now.  Called my manager again during the week and she said that she will be talking to her boss in the next week about this.  I hope they sort it out as the current economic climate does not appear to be the best time to look for a new job.
  • We're off to Derry this weekend to visit my parents, my sister and her family.  It will probably be the last time we get up before the baby comes.
  • Here are some of my favourite photos from my recent visits to Nice and San Francisco.


The Golden Gate Bridge
imageThe view from my hotel in Nice
imageLombard Street
San Francisco Cable Car
imageThe Streets of San Francisco
San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Post from the Wilderness

It's been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought I'd give a quick update on what's happening in my world.

  • The baby has started kicking - he/she started last week and I felt him/her for the first time a few days ago.  It was a weird sensation, almost like a nervous twitch in Sinead's belly.
  • We've started discussing possible names.  Bought a book last week, and we're filtering out the ridiculous.  Over the next few weeks we hope to come up with a shortlist.
  • We've been less than impressed with our Consultant.  We've visited 6 times now, and have only met him once.  The other 5 times, it's been the midwife (who has been really helpful).  If it doesn't improve we might try to negotiate for a partial refund
  • I've passed my driving test at the second attempt :-)  Got short notice of a cancellation in mid August, and after a few days prep, I passed.
  • We took a week off from work, last week.  Went away for a few days to County Clare (west Ireland), where it didn't stop raining from the minute we arrived till the minute we left.  Some high/low lights
      • Nice hotel (Hotel Doolin).  Really small and intimate.  It was very easy to relax.  Internet and phone reception were very poor, so there was no temptation to go online.
      • Lovely scenery - when the cloud lifted enough to see it
      • The rain - will it ever stop.
      • Sinead got stung by a wasp
      • I got seasick on a boat trip, to see the Cliffs of Moher - which I hear are fantastic!!!  If you are ever in Country Clare check them out (if the weather is nice).
      • One of the nicest meals we've had in a long time at Roadford House in Doolin

Some holiday photos

IMG_1128Bird's of Prey at the Aillwee Caves IMG_1135 Going Bear Hunting at the Aillwee Caves
IMG_1141 waiting on the boat IMG_1151 getting sea-sick
IMG_1153The Cliffs of Moher, up close IMG_1078 outside the Hydro Hotel in Lisdoonvarna,


  • The new football season has started!!!  A pretty average start by Man United.  We really need a striker, and I hope we get one before the transfer window closes tomorrow.
  • Really enjoyed the Olympics.  It's the first one that I've really sat down and watched.  I guess the Sky+recorder made it much more accessible, as I could record the day's events and fast forward through whatever I didn't want to watch.

That's pretty much everything I can remember for now.  Plenty to look forward to over the next few weeks.  Back to work tomorrow, nice and refreshed and ready to go again.  I've got a replacement for my current role, so I'll be doing a lot of handover work during the next few weeks.  Hopefully by mid/late October I'll be able to concentrate 100% of my time on my Web 2.0 role.  Also looking forward to the annual salary review.  Hopefully my boss is able to sort something good out for me.  If not I'll have to seriously consider looking for something else, as we will effectively lose half of Sinead's income during her first 6 months of maternity leave, and all of it if she decides to take more time, which she would really like to do.

Have a lot of travel ahead of me this month.  Off to Germany at the end of this week for a few days, and then in mid September I've got about 10 days away as I go to a meeting in France and then off to San Francisco for Oracle Open World.

Of course it goes without saying that it's going to be a big few months now in the run up to the baby arriving in early December.  Looking forward to getting those last few things done around the house, buying in those last few baby essentials, but most of all really looking forward to meeting our new baby.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Fertility Problems

When we found out Sinead was pregnant I immediately started trawling the Internet for Blogs that would give me an insight to what was ahead of us.  One Blog however that I had been subscribed to for a long time beforehand, as we struggled to conceive (it took us almost 2 years), was this -  I have remained subscribed as there are usually some interesting posts, such as the one I read today -

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Over the last few weeks we've been talking about how to introduce our dog (Molly) to the baby when it arrives.  Came across these interesting articles

Introducing your pet to a new baby -

Raining cats and dogs – pets, pregnancy and your baby -

Preparing your Dog for Your Newborn -