Tuesday, 21 October 2008


So 6 weeks to go until our baby arrives.  It's getting close.  Just under 4 weeks until Sinead finishes work.

The last week or two have seen an increase of activity from inside Sinead.  What started as series of light flutters a few months ago, have now turned into massive thumps from within.  The other night Sinead asked me to put my hand on her belly.  What followed were a series of kicks and punches which gave me a real jump.  I'm still not used to it, and it's still a weird sensation every time I feel it.  God know how it feels for Sinead.

We've finally drawn up a shortlist of names.  While I was in San Francisco I drew up my list, and over the weekend Sinead finished her list.  Then we sat down and saw what names we had matching.  We are narrowed down to 9 boys and 6 girl's names, and over the next few weeks hope to narrow it down further.

Sinead's nesting is now officially moving into the next gear.  We are gradually working our way through the house and tidying up each room.  I spent last weekend cleaning the skirting boards and cupboards in the kitchen.  More to come this weekend

I'm writing this on the plane as I fly to Romania for a few days of meetings.  Met up with my dad this morning on my way to the airport, for a few hours.  He was down scouting a few football matches for his new team Fulham.  After a good number of years he has moved on from Charlton for a new challenge.  I think this might be my last trip before the baby arrives, although there is a chance that I might have to squeeze another one in, early November to the UK, to meet up with my new boss David.  Last week we had big changes at work.  Our team leader Stuart moved to a different position, and as a result there were some changes in the structure of our team.  Instead of reporting into Ditte, under Knowledge Management, I am now reporting into David and we are completely dedicated to the Web 2.0 project.  I'm happy with this as it will allow us to focus on our Web 2.0 initiatives.  Plus I've been working closely with David for the last 18 months and I get on really well with him.

I'll leave it at this for now.  Going to catch an episode of CSI New York on my laptop, before we land, and if I've time read a few chapters of my book.

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