Saturday, 6 December 2008

Say Hello to Emily Grace Bradley

Quick update while I have the time.  Our little baby girl, Emily Grace was born on Saturday 29th November at 2.15pm.  You can guess by the fact that it has taken a week to write this post, that this week has been very busy.  I know now why sleep depravation is used as a means of torture!!!

More updates when I have the time and energy!!!  In the meantime enjoy some photos.

  just arrived
mammy's first cuddle
with Nana O'Connell
with Auntie Ciara
sleeping in Mammy's arms
with Granny and Granda Bradley
lost in her car seat
proud daddy


Puneet Thapliyal said...

Congratulations to you, Sinead and everyone in your family!! Emily looks beautiful.

Yeah, sleep deprivation is really painful. Especially if you have a crucial meeting or presentation the following morning. Unfortunately, its not just for the first few weeks, it is going to last for a longer time. One good thing it di for me is that it developed a sense of patience in me which I thought I never had. Babies are magic in many ways :)

Congratulations again!


We're having a Baby said...

Thanks Puneet.

The good thing is that I've saved up my holidays and I'm off till 5th January.