Wednesday, 23 July 2008

21 Week Scan and Children's TV

Went for Sinead's latest scan yesterday and everything looks fine. This was an important scan as they look for any signs of potential issues such as poor spinal development, heart defects, or early signs of down syndrome. According to the midwife everything is showing as expected. The scans were much clearer this time, in fact we could see the little feet and hands very clearly this time. I'll post up some images once I get them scanned. Learned something interesting yesterday about the baby's heart. The heart of the foetus is completely different to the heart of a new born baby. When inside the womb the baby's heart has lots of tiny little holes, which only close over, once the baby takes it's first breath. Children who have holes in the heart, or murmurs, usually get this because the holes don't close up properly on the first breath.

On another note, while we were in the waiting room the TV channel was tuned into children's television. I don't know which was scariest the programmes or the advertisements. First we had Horrid Henry and then we were given Bratz. Then there were the ads. At one point even I was starting to crave for my very own Kung Fu Panda. Maybe some of my friends have it right. They don't let their kids watch any television, due to the ads, and get all their entertainment via DVDs.

That's all for now. Have a busy weekend ahead as we house-sit for Sinead's relatives who are all away of holidays. So it will be a weekend of leaving out bins, opening and closing windows across 3 houses. Talk later.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Bargain Hunting

Had a great weekend up in Derry, even though the weather wasn't the greatest - what's new!!! Travelled up on Thursday afternoon and got home at around 9pm (just over a 6 hour journey).

The wedding on Friday went really well, and it was the one day that the weather was great. There were around 300 people at the wedding which is the largest I've ever been too. Every time I mention that there were 160 people at our wedding, people are amazed, so when I mention this number people's jaws will hit the floor. The wedding was about 15 years in the making (long story), so I can kind of understand why there were so many people. I wouldn't like to be paying the bill though.

On Saturday we did some shopping for maternity wear. It went ok, however it was quite difficult to find any shops that stocked maternity clothes. Marks and Spencer's had none, Dunnes (an Irish shop) had none, and Next only did mail order. Sinead was eventually able to get some stuff in Topshop and in a few "small shops". Overall she was disappointed that the "big shops" didn't have any stock. We also picked up a bargain on a pram. We had priced a pram and car seat in Kilkenny at approx €600 (£480), however in Smyths toy-store we got the same set in a sale for €400 (£320). The set we went with was the Silver Cross 3D pram system, which we can use as a traditional pram when the baby is really small, and then converts into a buggy for when the baby gets older. The car seat goes with the set and it locks into the pram, so you don't have to wake up a sleeping baby when moving from the pram to the car - that's what it says anyway. Really pleased with that bargain.

We took it really easy on Sunday, and spent most of the day watching the tennis final - what a match. I used to watch and play a bit of tennis when I was younger, but kinda lost touch over the years. However that match was something else.

Back in Kilkenny now. We were both very tired last night, and were only fit for pizza and the last episode of Dr.Who, which I thought was a bit disappointing. I'm glad that the main writer (Russell T Davies) is stepping down, as i feel he hasn't done a great job with the show. It's promised so much, but the end of each season has always disappointed me. Very hopeful that the new guy (Steven Moffat) will do much better, as the stories that he has penned over the last few years have always been my favourites.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Shopping for Maternity Wear

Heading off to Derry this weekend, primarily to go to my cousin's wedding. It's about a 6 hour drive, so we're taking a half-day today (Thursday), and also taking Friday and Monday. As I haven't got my full driving license yet, Sinead will have to do most of the driving. I'll be able to do the first hour, but from then on it's either Motorways, or driving in the North, which I can't do on my learner's permit. Sinead is now at 18 weeks so I really hope to have my full license as soon as possible. I failed my first attempt in May (one stupid mistake), and I'm hoping to get another date in August. Fingers crossed that I'll pass this time.

In addition to the wedding it'll be great to spend some time with my parents, as well as my sister and her family. It'll be great too to see some of my aunts, uncles and cousins, who I don't see much of now since we moved to Kilkenny.

Also we want to take advantage of the difference in the Euro and Sterling, for Sinead to get some maternity wear. Her clothes are starting to get tight, so she wants to get some new clothes. Last week she bought some clothes for the wedding, and after comparing the price in Sterling, we can save a lot by buying in the shops this weekend. I'll let you know how we get on.

Anyway must get some breakfast in me. We're leaving at 1pm, and I need to walk the dog before starting work, and also finish up my packing.