Monday, 30 June 2008

Movie Review - Into the Wild

Over the weekend we watched a film called Into the Wild, which I really enjoyed. It's a true story about a young man who has just graduated and gives up everything, so that he can chase his dream of living in wilderness of Alaska.

A little on the long side, at just under two and a half hours, I thought it told the story quite well, and I'll definitely be checking out the book.

From the perspective of someone who is about to take the first steps into parenthood, it makes interesting viewing, as it explores the lead characters relationship with his parents, and how this influences his decision to travel to Alaska.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Moses basket

Our Moses basket arrived at the weekend. It's been in Sinead's family for almost 30 years and has done the rounds among all the family. Given that Sinead has 15 aunts & uncles, that's a lot of babies.

Of course it went straight up into the attic

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father's Day prayer

From our local Church's newsletter yesterday

Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, and children with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice.

Let us praise those fathers who by their own account were not always there for their children, but who continue to offer those children, now grown, their love and support.

Let us pray for those fathers who have been wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support have offered healing.

Let us praise those fathers who, as stepfathers, freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their stepchildren's love and respect.

Let us praise those fathers who have lost a child to death, and continue to hold the child in their heart.

Let us praise those men who have no children, but cherish the next generation as if they were their own.

Let us praise those men who have "fathered" us in their role as mentors and guides.

Let us praise those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children.

And let us praise those fathers who have died, but live on in our memory and whose love continues to nurture us.

Monday, 9 June 2008

What's that smell

Well I think we've deduced that Sinead's main issues to date during the pregnancy have been an over sensitive sense of smell, and tiredness. The smell issue seems to be the one that is bothering her most. As I mentioned in my last post it had just started becoming an issue, and now it's a full blown epidemic, especially in the kitchen!!

In the morning it's just the general smell in the kitchen that makes her want to throw up, so I open the windows when I get downstairs to air the place out.

The fridge is the big problem. Sinead is unable to open it at all as the smells are overwhelming. So each morning, I get her the milk out of the fridge so she can have breakfast before she leaves for work. All visits to the fridge during the evening are conduced by me. I don't know how she's got by the last few weeks, when I've been travelling so much with work. Everyone keeps saying that it should get better over the next few weeks.