Tuesday, 7 October 2008

So What's been happening

My last post was at the end of August and it has been a busy few weeks since then.  I'll try to review most of them here

  • Sinead is now starting to show big time.  I should really post a picture on here but I think I'd be spending a few nights in the spare room if I did!!
  • I attended my first antenatal class last week.  Sinead has been to a few already.  It was really interesting and the theme was around the different ways in which the baby can be delivered, and the various types of pain relief that are available.  We were given a good description of what an epiduarl  is all about, and I could see a lot of minds changing about whether they would get one.  Bottom-line though is that the mid-wife said not to rule anything out and to be prepared to go with the flow.  I think Sinead is a bit hesitant to go with the epidural, but let's see what happens.  This week we will be told about taking care of the baby, after the birth.
  • We got a little bit more attention from our consultant.  On the last 2 visits, Sinead got to see him once.  He's ok, but I think Sinead much prefers visiting the mid-wife.
  • There is a chance that Sinead might have to have a C-Section delivery, due to her low lying placenta.  Hope to find out more in the next few weeks and get confirmation.
  • At the start of September I had to go in for an X-Ray as my lower back was playing up again.  It comes and goes but for around the last 4 years I get this occasional stiffness/pain on my lower back.  I can usually shift it with some stretches in the morning, but when it comes it's a real pain.  I think it's been caused by bad posture from sitting at desks, plus not doing proper warm-ups or warms-downs when I used to play football in the past.  Now I always make sure that I take regular breaks from my desk and do proper warm-ups and warm-downs before any sporting activity.  The X-Ray results came back fine.  The doctor has advised getting some physiotherapy in the near future.
  • We finally got our en-suite bathroom finished yesterday.  We've been saving up money for the last year to get it re-tiled.  It looks great and we're really happy with it.  Now we just need to get the toilet, sink and shower put back in.
  • Work has been really busy.  I was away for 2 weeks in mid-September to Nice in France and then to San Francisco.  Got a lot of good stuff done and made some good contacts on both trips.  I got an opportunity to do some sight-seeing in San Francisco.  You can see a collection of my photos at this link - http://frankbradley.tumblr.com/.  You can see some of my favourites at the end of this post.
  • Still no word about a pay rise.  Starting to get a little bit worried about this now.  Called my manager again during the week and she said that she will be talking to her boss in the next week about this.  I hope they sort it out as the current economic climate does not appear to be the best time to look for a new job.
  • We're off to Derry this weekend to visit my parents, my sister and her family.  It will probably be the last time we get up before the baby comes.
  • Here are some of my favourite photos from my recent visits to Nice and San Francisco.


The Golden Gate Bridge
imageThe view from my hotel in Nice
imageLombard Street
San Francisco Cable Car
imageThe Streets of San Francisco
San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge

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Dan said...

I'm writing this because you commented over on Xbox's site congratulating him and E for their baby.

I'm putting this on this post because it's a little bit down the page and I don't want him to see it :)

A while ago, before Martin's (xbox4nappyrash) wife got pregnant I promised I would post a youtube video of me singing "Yes" by Mcalomont & Butler whilst accompanying myself on the ukulele to celebrate the birth of their child.

This will not be a pretty sight as I can neither sing, nor really play the ukulele (this isn't false modesty - I really can't).

However what I thought might make it really cool would be instead of just a straight video I put together a montage of videos shot by readers of his blog and fellow walkers all celebrating - i.e. dancing, sticking thumbs up, cheering, holding up signs, that sort of thing. It would have to be something that would work without sound as I would put my (awful) soundtrack over the top of it.

It would be great if you could participate. If you send me a short 5-15 second video clip (or at a push a photo, but a video would be much better) along with your name and blog then I'll put it together with other submissions and get something ready for the end of the week. I think it would be a really nice thing to do for martin to show him and E how pleased we are for him. and Martin has been incredibly supportive of me and my various projects in the past.

However I realise this isn't the sort of thing a lot of people are comfortable with and so would understand completely if you don't want to do it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You can email me at dghughes28@yahoo.co.uk