Friday, 15 August 2008

Fertility Problems

When we found out Sinead was pregnant I immediately started trawling the Internet for Blogs that would give me an insight to what was ahead of us.  One Blog however that I had been subscribed to for a long time beforehand, as we struggled to conceive (it took us almost 2 years), was this -  I have remained subscribed as there are usually some interesting posts, such as the one I read today -


Xbox4NappyRash said...


You have no idea how cool it is to find out some fellas are actually reading. Makes me feel a little less weird.

And to have someone from home reading it is an extra boost.

Thanks a million, hope it's not too much of a downer for you. After all you have exciting times ahead!
Congratulations on the success after a long period of ttc, and enjoy it.

First time here, and I'll be checking yer progress.

All the best.

We're having a Baby said...

Just noticing your comments now.

Keep the faith. We were trying for ages, took a trip to New York and then it just happened.

Hope it works out for you.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


We've been to 6 countries in an attempt for it to 'just happen'...

Good luck!